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San Francisco BodyTite Lipo

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Dr. Suess has been chosen to be one of the few plastic surgeons on the west coast to initially have and use the latest lipo contouring and skin tightening technology called Body Tite™. Click Here to view additional information on BodyTite Lipo.

San Francisco BodyTite

BodyTite is a new, unique body contouring system that simultaneously firms and tightens skin, while it dissolves and breaks down fat.  Once the fat is broken down it is suctioned out. Dr. Suess is the first and only board certified plastic surgeon to use BodyTite in the San Francisco area.

BodyTite uses Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology to simultaneously close off (coagulate) blood vessels, there by reducing bleeding and bruising, while it dissolves fat cells through the energy of radio frequency.

Using an internal cannula generating and releasing radio frequency energy that travels to an external electrode in contact with the skin, the coagulation of adipose tissue (fat), vascular tissue (vessels) and fibrous tissue is achieved.  Gentle heating of the intervening soft tissue between the internal cannula and external electrode allows aspiration (suctioning) of the coagulated tissue at the same time.

This unique heating of the fat, subcutaneous tissue, dermal and sub dermal layers from the inside out allows the skin to tighten, shrink and contract to a degree not offered by any other technology other than BodyTite.  The built in computerized safety technology built into the system allows rapid, visible contouring results.

Radio frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) is especially useful in areas where the skin tone may be poor.  This is notably applicable in women with lax or excess abdominal skin who do not want a tummy tuck.  With BodyTite you can obtain contraction of the abdominal skin as well as fat removal.  RFAL can also be applied on the upper arm where fat can be removed and the skin tightened to a degree that a surgical arm lift may not be needed.  This also applies to the upper inner thigh.  In addition to all the procedural advantages radio frequency assisted liposuction RFAL offers, most RFAL patients experienced a less painful recovery. 

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